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Want one pillar but not the rest? Pick and choose what suits you from our individual pillar courses. ❤️

All 5 Pillars available as singles; money mindsets, savings, budgeting, investing, wills & legacy.

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US$188- (save $57!)

5 Pillar course

Just 5 weeks to tidy your money foundations & improve your financial future.
One pillar per week; one small habit at a time.

Our signature beginners 5-Pillar course covers introduction to money mindsets, savings, budgeting, investing, wills & legacy.

Commit to this self-paced course when you're ready to release the past and start building a new future!

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FREE for schools

Schools empowerment short course

The best of our 5 Pillars course in a free, shortened version. Exclusively for use by schools and charities. Part of our mission to spread financial literacy awareness and empowerment.

Why Choose Us

When you choose MoneyMind, you're supporting the cause of financial literacy in your life, family, community and world. Thank you for taking these steps - every person more empowered lifts us all.

Social enterprise values

MoneyMind is committed to social enterprise values. Our focus is on empowerment and impact, community, innovation, integrity and ownership.

Changing the future

We aim to disrupt how beginners learn about money, and talk about money with their families. So more of us take the steps into financial confidence and create the freedom to thrive.

Impact ambitions

We aspire to earn the official Social Enterprise Endorsement Mark of HK, and SEUK.

Affiliate program

Our future affiliate program aims to share profits back into the hands of our customers, spreading financial literacy empowerment while benefitting our communities. That could be you! Stay tuned...

A new approach to personal finance empowerment

With open discussion, knowledge sharing, community connectivity, social learning.
Live broadcasting, social media multi-casting. Embracing the semantic web, AI and future of work with both hands. Targeting exponential & experiential self-supportive learning. Ready and clear-sighted about our rapidly evolving future.

Empowering ourselves and others by taking the steps towards updating our relationship with money, and changing the way we view - and approach- financial literacy in personal finance foundations.

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