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Raven Tao in white blouse with gold Tiffanys bone cuff and pearl drop earrings facing camera with slight smile.

Our Founder

Former international campaign model, TV & radio presenter and media professional, Raven Tao is the founder of MoneyMind.

Passionate about community and empowerment, Raven is an active connector and Mentor in teen & women's leadership programs.

"I created MoneyMind's 5 Pillars as a checklist to ensure we're familiar with these five basic concepts of financial literacy."

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Our Vision

For financial literacy and empowerment to be widespread throughout society.

For individuals and families to feel confident in the basics of managing their money, and better equipped to direct their finances towards a thriving life.

For generational financial literacy to become part of everyday healthy wellbeing conversations, and for money to be recognised as a practical tool for community empowerment.

Humans empower humans, money simply creates more opportunities for that.

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You hold the power

Break free of the stress, debt & cost of financial underconfidence.
Choose your future, empower your self-education and set an example for your family and children to do the same.

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Our mission is to empower people around the world with financial literacy confidence. We know we have a long journey ahead. Here are some of our goals.

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program shares profits back into our community.

Empowering superfans who have completed the course to earn commissions on all referred purchases within 15 days using their personalised affiliate link.

Stay tuned for details!

Generational empowerment

Financial literacy starts in the home. Mirrored from our parents behaviour, with our children repeating ours.

We aspire to foster a cycle of inter-generational communication and healthy financial literacy awareness, communication and practices in families and communities.

5-7yrs Kids Picture Books

Children's money beliefs form between 3-7yrs old.
Our goals include picture book series on financial literacy topics including compound interest, selective spending and debt.

If you're an ambitious literary agent passionate about this area (and licensing!) please contact us.